Thetis Auction CMS

The standard module is a “turnkey” system to build an efficient and dynamic website, specially designed for the specific requirements of the auction houses. 

The module, which may be easily integrated with your company’s management system, can be used to manage the auction house’s website independently, without anyone having to step in. in addition, the system is based on Google guidelines, for the best possible indexing in the main search engines.
The fact the module is standard does not mean it is not highly flexible too, so users may make all those changes that will perfectly suit them.
The system has a multilingual management system for its dynamic pages, so the code may be separated from the descriptive sections, which are defined in an external catalogue.This means that any change to the catalogue will be quicker and more flexible, [..]
By subscribing to the Newsletter service, users may receive regular notices about all the news and initiatives of the auction house/web administrator for free, straight into their mailbox.
Users may use the contact forms to directly contact the auction house for enquiries or requests.
All registration forms use a Secure Sockets Layer on a HTTPS encrypting protocol, which offers adequate protection from any kind of cyber-attack.
They are an extremely useful tool to find out more about website traffic.Statistics may help gather information about the visitors’ origins and the way they interact with the website.