Live Module

Live Module - Live Module
“On Line Bidding” is a perfectly safe system whereby subscribers, wherever they are, may bid on the lots as if they were there, at the auction.

With “On Line Bidding”, a potential buyer will feel the same excitement and the same atmosphere as in a real auction house.

The system has a number of features that make bidding easier:
  • it shows the lot number, including a description and pictures of the lot;
  • it shows all the bids placed on a lot;
  • a log of previous bids, with the option to see the lot and a list of selected lots; 
  • an hourglass icon, set to the bidder’s connection speed, shows up and tells how much time is left for raising a bid; 
Any bidder is tagged with a disc number, showing if the bidder is at the auction or online;
However, the system may accept written bides from potential buyers, either by fax or by filling in a special web form, up to two hours before opening the auction.Through this system, a bidder may see how the bid goes and increase the bid if outbid by some other buyer.